Tom Calthrop

I have over 20 years experience in the digital/Internet/technology industry. I'm a Dad, Husband, Bicycle fan and someone who cares about our world and the impact humans make upon it.


2008 - Present Day | CTO; TradeWinds Experience Inc.

My current role is as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TradeWinds Experience Inc. My role as CTO has been to realize and capitalize upon technologies. My focus has been in creating dynamic web based architectures for our internal systems where all our customer management, scheduling and payments systems combine to give over 100 staff real time access to our processes and web based technologies to attract/service our customers.

I am a hands on CTO and develop mainly LAMP solutions and integrate with various service API's including QuickBooks, NMI, Telegram, Eyeson, MailChimp and Zendesk.

1997 - 2008 | Consultant and Lecturer

I consulted on and developed Internet based solutions. Clients included Macromedia, BBC, Disney Famestudios (Tomas Ledin, ABBA, Roxette) and Oven digital.

I wrote editorial for MacWorld, Digit Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, Web Professional Magazine, Internet Magazine and Animation World Magazine.

I lectured at HyperIsland, London School of Economics and presented at various conferences including Apple events and Macromedia Expo.

1995 - 1997 | Technical Editor, MacUser Magazine

MacUser was a flagship magazine of Dennis Publishing until it ceased publication in 2015. As Technical Editor, I commissioned, wrote and reviewed editorial across the magazine. I was editor for some 40+ editions of the Magazine. Throughout this time I met with many Apple evangelists along with leaders in the technology field.

1988 - 1995 | Shell (UK) Ltd

At Shell I worked on a large scale project to digitise the company telecoms network. VoIP was used to route to three telephony centres where teams of tele-operators routed calls. The project vastly improved call handling and saved Shell over £5 million GBP per annum. The tele-operators used Apple Mac's which may explain my progression to MacUser Magazine.